Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is Google Exiting the TV Business

Google is currently hosting their annual trade show Google I/O.  It's at this show where Google plots out the future direction of their technology.  Unfortunately for Google TV fans, nary a whisper was heard about Google TV.  The focus of the keynote speech was about their Android OS and how they would like Android to be installed everywhere, on phones, refrigerators, exercise equipment, etc.  It got me thinking, if they want android running on everything, why would they want to keep the separate Google TV initiative going.  They're probably looking towards Android TV's and set-top boxes.

Cheaper TV take - If this is the path Google is taking, I would avoid buying a Google TV set-top box or integrated television until we see more of a commitment from Google.  Roku and Boxee do a great job, and that's where I would turn to for internet TV.