Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Mother is now Cable Free

My mother made me proud, and cut her cable TV.  As expected, she needed a little convincing, but in the end, she is very happy with the result.

The Concern
My mother is a news junkie.  Her biggest concern was that by cutting cable, she wouldn't be able to watch MSNBC or CNN, and that she would be "out of touch".

The Sales Job
To convince my mother, I installed Roku and a cheap $9 rabbit ear antenna.  I showed her how she could get multiple news shows (including MSNBC and CNN) from the "Roku News Channel" at any time, on demand.  Basically, she could watch the news on her schedule  I also explained that she could still watch broadcast TV to view "the News" on free OTA TV.

After installing the rabbit ear antenna, I scanned her TV.  She ended up with over 50 digital channels, most in HD!  She was blown away with both the number of channels, and the quality of those broadcasts.

The Result
After seeing all of the options available on Roku and through broadcast television, my mother decided to leave cable.  She still has her phone and internet provided by the cable company, but by cutting TV she trimmed her monthly bill in half ($162, to $81). She has also convinced two women living in her building to do the same.

Enjoy your new "cable free" TV mom!