Monday, July 26, 2010

Netflix without DVD's?

Photo by gbaku

Things change quickly, and successful businesses adapt very quickly to the changing times.  Netflix recently announced expansion into Canada, but with one caveat... they will only be providing a streaming service.  DVD delivery will not be available in Canada.

Cheaper TV Take: The DVD delivery service is just a distraction.  I don't want to ship or receive physical media.  Although it may sound ridiculous, I hate using my DVD player.  Online delivery is the far better option.  I'm sure Netflix would like to move away from DVD delivery, but it will difficult to get away from it in the US.  If they had to do it all again starting today, I'm sure Netflix would have been an online only streaming service.  Their move in Canada proves that point.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NetFlix is Making Big Moves... Joins with Relativity Media

Netflix and Relativity Media announced they will be streaming first run theatrical releases to Netflix subscribers. What makes this deal different than other Netflix streaming deals is that it will happen during the "pay TV window", which means that NetFlix will deliver movies at the same time or before Pay TV companies like HBO and Showtime will be broadcasting the film.

Cheaper-TV take: This is a huge coup for Netflix. They are now directly taking on the big boys like HBO and Showtime. I consider this another nail in the coffin in the old way of broadcasting and delivering content.  It's time for Netflix users to celebrate!