Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harry Potter Fans Rejoice

The last chapter of the Harry Potter saga is coming soon. The official movie trailer has been released!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Comcast COO and Apple CEO talk about Google TV

This was from a recent conference sponsored by AllThingsDigital.

Comcast COO - Steve Burke

Apple CEO - Steve Jobs

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Business 101: The Comcast Way

Comcast recently gave me a lesson on how they do business.  After I cancelled my TV subscription, Comcast told me the cost for high speed internet and phone was about $60 + taxes and fees.  I chose to keep both services with Comcast because changing to Verizon would require me to take on a two year contract and run me about the same price.  Switching phone carriers would have saved me a little, but not enough for the inconvenience.  I was so happy about how easy Comcast made it to turn off cable TV, that I did a blog entry complimenting them for good customer service.

Just when I started to have good feelings about Comcast... they decided to shoot themselves in the foot.  Last month I received a Comcast Ecobill for $91.  I thought for sure there must have been a mistake, so I called up Comcast customer service.  I was told by customer service that my bill was correct, and that the previous price I was quoted was an introductory rate.  I said to the customer service representative that I was never told it was an introductory rate.  She told me it that information appears on the bill.  I checked the bill, and guess what... it wasn't there.  I told her that I was shocked they would charge so much for internet and phone and that Verizon offers both internet and phone, plus TV for only $99.  Once I mentioned Verizon, the representative told me she was connecting me to another department that could help lower my price.

So I moved on to the next customer service rep, and true to their word, they lowered my price to the originally quoted price.  This time I was told that it was an introductory rate and the next time it changes I would have to call again.

Cheaper TV take: This is a cruddy way to do business.  It's very simple to see the path Comcast has chosen... lure customers in with a low introductory rate, raise the price, and make their customers call to continue receiving a lower price.    I suspect about 10% of the customers don't call to question the bill, so Comcast just pockets the additional funds.  Most of the customers that call to check on the price increase think Comcast is doing them a favor by lowering their bill.  Trust me... they're not doing you any favors.  Their accountants and business development people have analyzed this strategy and concluded it is the best path to get as much money from their customers as possible.  I refuse to reward companies that deceive customers.  Verizon or Clear, here I come!

P.S. - I hope congress takes these types of business practices into consideration when deciding on the Comcast / NBC Universal merger.  I can't say I trust Comcast with additional power in the market.