Friday, December 17, 2010

Cheaper TV presents... The Top 5 Last Minute Shopping Ideas

I've always thought that the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving.  The following 5 gifts will help the recipient kick the Cable TV addiction and make it easier to cut the cord:

1. TV Antenna - the recipient may think you're crazy, but they'll be amazed by the number of channels available for free through broadcast TV and the quality of those HD broadcast signals.

2. Roku - I've written about Roku a number of times on this blog.  It's simply the best and most affordable way to get TV entertainment from the internet to your TV set.  The lucky person that receives this gift will think of you every day when they turn on their TV and watch a movie or show through their Roku box.  I bought one for my mom this Christmas (don't tell her, it's a surprise)

3. Google TV - This is a bit pricier than Roku, but if the person to whom you're giving the gift wants the full internet experience on their TV, this might be the best option.  Google has indexed the web for available video content and makes it easy to search and view the content from your living room couch.  If you don't need it right away, I suspect there will be a lot more Google TV options in 2011, so you may want to take a wait and see approach before you drop $299 on this product.

4. Boxee Box - Another great way to get internet video content on your TV is the Boxee Box.  I love Boxee, and  use it all the time on my MacOS X computer.  The Boxee Box just looks cool, and has one of the best designed remote controls I've seen.  This will set you back about $170, which puts it somewhere between Roku and GoogleTV in price.

5. Vizio LED TV - this falls into the category of gifts I would like the most.  LED TV's are extremely sharp, energy efficient, and just plain awesome.  I have 2 older Vizio TV's in my house and have been extremely satisfied with their performance.  I have one older TV left to replace in my home... Santa are you listening?