Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Following Election Results Without Cable TV

I am a news and political junkie, so election night is a big deal for me. So how did I do without cable this election season... not bad!!!  Polls closed at 8 PM in my home state of Pennsylvania, but national coverage on the networks didn't begin until 9 PM.  During the hour between the polls closing and the national news coverage kicking in, I watched a local news station. The production quality wasn't as good as the major networks, but they were covering the local elections in which I was most interested.  So by the time I went to sleep at 11 PM, I watched one hour of local news and two hours of national news... more than sufficient "free" news coverage.

This morning I woke up, hit twitter on my smartphone and saw the election results for the west coast.  I watched a half an hour of "Good Morning America", and now I'm ready to head to work... fully and freely informed!