Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review: MLB.TV Beta on Roku

At midnight I was notified that the MLB.TV beta on Roku has begun.  I immediately signed up and turned it on just in time to see David Eckstein's game winning homerun over San Francisco.  I was immediately blown away by the High Definition quality of the stream. Before I get too caught up in the details, let me back up a bit.

MLB.TV has had a Roku app in development for some time.  A $99 subscription to MLB.TV and a Roku box will give you access to all out of market games, excluding blackouts for national broadcasts.  Being a big baseball fan, and a Mets fan living in the Philadelphia area, this is the perfect solution for me.  Now on to the details...

Once you open the app, you choose the game you'd like to watch.  You can watch live games, or games that have already been played.

If the games have already been played it will appear as "Final." If the game has not been played, it will show the scheduled pitchers.

You can choose which broadcast you would like to watch...

...or show the game status.

If the games already been played, you can watch it from the beginning...

... or jump to a specific inning.

Once you make your selection, the game plays in HD

From what I've seen thus far, this is close to being ready to ship to the general public.  Hopefully the quality won't suffer once the number of streams multiply.  I've only had it a day and I plan to do a follow-up after I've used the service for awhile.  My initial thoughts... the MLB and Roku have hit a homerun!!!  (corny pun intended)