Friday, April 9, 2010

NetFlix for the Wii has arrived

The NetFlix disk for the Wii has arrived!!!  We now have two tv's connected to NetFlix, one in my bedroom, the other in the living room.  Now that Netflix is available in the living room, my wife and I will get our room back.  I love my kids but there are times we need our space.

Setup for adding NetFlix to theWii is a piece of cake.  Simply insert the disk, and follow the instructions on the screen.  The Wii only streams in standard definition, which works for us, because our living room TV is not HD. The difference in quality between the Roku on a HD TV and the Wii on a standard def TV is noticeable.  One day, when I replace this TV with a HDTV, I may not want to use this solution. For now it's fine.