Monday, April 12, 2010

Cousin Jenn - Sticking it to the man!!!

I just found out tonight that my cousin Jenn has decided to join me in cutting cable, using a combination of broadcast TV and streaming internet content to her apartment in Brooklyn.  She went to Best Buy to buy an antenna, but the salesman couldn't understand what she was trying to do.  When he finally got it, he said... "Oh, you're trying to stick it to the man."  I love that quote!

Like most people, Jenn ran into a few roadblocks when making the switch.  She installed the antenna and scanned her TV, unfortunately, she was missing ABC, PBS, and a few other stations.  I checked, and it turns out that the stations she wasn't receiving were being broadcast over VHF.  I advised her to purchase a cheap set of rabbit ears for $10, and merge the signal using a combiner.

She then hooked up her laptop to her TV so she could stream Hulu.  Everything seems to be working well.  Good luck Jenn and welcome to the Free TV team!!!