Friday, March 19, 2010

Top 10 Dream TV Appliance Features

With a plethora of devices to choose from... how does one decide which internet TV solution best suits ones needs?  There are so many choices!!!  For instance an X-box is great for gaming, and you can also watch Netflix, and play DVD's, but you don't have the same TV choices as Boxee and it costs so much more than Roku.  Roku is great for streaming Netflix and other internet content, but you can't play games or record live TV.  So what would make me happy???  Here's what I want in a TV internet appliance:

1. Netflix / Amazon On Demand
2. TV show directory (think Boxee)  that lists shows that are available on the internet and that can be downloaded for free.
3. YouTube
4. Podcast directory
5. A web browser
6. Email / social networking / SMS / IM
7. DVR
8. Games
9. DVD Player
10. Sports Integration - MLB.TV, NFL, ESPN

Honorable Mention - It would be cool to integrate Phone Calls or Video Chat.  If someone calls, you can answer the call on the TV.

What I have no use for is cable tv integration, or subscription services like Tivo, or the forthcoming Apple TV.

So what do you think... Boxee, Roku, x-Box 360, Apple TV, Google TV, TiVo, or some other solution?