Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too Much TV

Picture by oddstock

Part of the reason we made the move away from Cable TV was to limit the amount of TV the family watched.  The kids are watching less TV, but I can't say the same for the adults in the house. The combination of Roku, Boxee, and Broadcast TV has left the wife and I with more shows than we can possibly watch.  We have about 8 movies in our Roku queue, and a few TV shows including Season 1 of the Office, Season 1 of Dr. Who, and Spartacus!!!  On Boxee I've been keeping up with Caprica.  On Thursdays, I've been hooked on watching Survivor, while the wife watches Vampire Diaries on broadcast TV.  I would need about a week to catch up on all the TV I want to watch.

I think we watched less TV when we had cable.  I remember the days where I would flip through the 100+ channels on cable and turn off the TV because I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch.  Maybe the solution is to return to cable so we'll watch less TV. ;-)