Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The FCC Broadband Plan

Today the FCC is releasing their  plan on the future of broadband internet access.  You can go to www.fcc.gov to read the full 300+ page, detailed plan, or you can do what most congressmen will be doing, and read the executive summary.  Bottom line... the goal of the plan is:

  • Deliver broadband access to as many Americans as possible, especially to those living in rural and poor areas
  • Foster competition to bring down the cost of broadband internet access and improve service
  • Improve broadband infrastructure by reallocating bandwidth away from TV broadcasters and towards companies that provide wireless internet access
  • Maximize the benefits of broadband in sectors influenced by the government including
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Military
    • Government Operations
Cheaper TV take:  I like what I'm seeing.  My family pays about $200 a month for broadband access for the home and our mobile phones.  This is a high barrier of entry for a lot of families and we're lucky we can afford it.  High speed internet access has many benefits for the family and plays a major role in how children are now educated. Those that cannot afford it, or don't have access to it are not playing on a level playing field.

Outside of the educational benefits, the combination of Digital Broadcast TV and Internet TV entertainment has made the transition away from cable a lot easier.  Keep up the good work FCC!!!