Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cablevision to Launch Internet TV Service

photo by El Gran Dee

According to USA Today, Cablevision is testing a PC to TV system called "PC to TV Media Relay".  To use the system, a Cablevision subscriber will need to install a program to their PC.  This program will upload internet content and media content from your PC to Cablevision.  Cablevision will then rebroadcast the content to a dedicated TV channel.

Cheaper TV take:  Cablevision sees the writing is on the wall, that the future of TV entertainment will be provided through the internet.  It sounds like an interesting service, but there are privacy concerns. I haven't read the privacy statement, but it sounds like Cablevision will have access to all of the content on your computer. This content will be sent to Cablevision, stored on their servers, then rebroadcast to your TV. I would prefer hooking up a Roku or Boxee box to get internet content on my TV.