Monday, January 18, 2010

Living Without HBO and Showtime

We've been HBO subscribers for over 10 years... HBO and Showtime are the best channels cable has going for it.  Early on, I subscribed to see movies and watch boxing.  Then I got hooked on their original programming.  Shows like "True Blood", "The Wire", "The Soprano's", "Weeds", and many more are can't miss TV.  Giving it all up is tough, however, there's a solution... be patient and get the full seasons on DVD.  Both NetFlix (as part of my subscription) and my local library ($1 for a 3 day rental) offer these DVD's.

I'm not as big of a boxing fan as I used to be, and now the best fights are Pay Per View.  Interest has waned since Mike Tyson and Don King have left the sport.
So let's recap, the big benefit of these premium channels is Movies, Boxing, and Original Programming.  Movies and Original Programming, I can get through NetFlix.  Boxing I could do without.

Goodbye HBO... it's been a nice 10 years.