Monday, January 25, 2010

Comcast through the years

Comcast and I have had a 9 year relationship.  Ever since I've moved to the area, Comcast has provided me with Cable TV.  Like every relationship we've had our ups and downs.  Early on, I wasn't very satisfied with Comcast.  They had spotty service, their customer support was terrible, and their high speed internet didn't seem so high speed. 

I have to say, Comcast got better with age... adding services like "On Demand" and business plans like "Triple Play", and cool features like showing caller ID on the TV when people called were all appreciated.  Their support has also improved with age.  Before I would call Comcast support, I expected to be on hold for about 15 minutes before I would be able to talk with a live person, and often times all they did was schedule a service call for some future date.  Today's Comcast support is entirely different, easy to navigate phone menu's that lead to calls being answered within a minute and quick automated resolutions to service issues.  Even my call to downgrade service was answered relatively fast and took about a minute to process.  I'm sure competition from Verizon had something to do with this change, but still, I do give Comcast credit for improving over the years.

Like most separations, we are still in each others life.  I have not given up on Comcast High Speed Internet, and I still use the phone service, however our Cable TV love affair is over.  Comcast, I'd like to dedicate this song to you: