Monday, December 21, 2009

Replacing the Home Phone

In order to cut the cable, I have to find a new service provider for my home phone.  Considering that I plan to keep my high speed internet connection, the cheapest option appears to be finding a reliable VOIP provider.  I eventually would like to move my home phone number to Google Voice, so I'd like to have no contract, or keep the commitment to under one year. has ton's of information on making the move to VOIP, including service provider reviews and an up-to-date grid on service providers and their fees.  Currently I'm leaning towards ViaTalk or PhonePower.

One other option I have is to go with T-Mobile@Home.  I'm currently planning to update my cell phone plan when the new Google Nexus One is released.  If I go with the Even More Plus plan, I can add the @ Home service for $10 a month, with no contract.