Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Planning the conversion project

Moving away from cable takes some serious planning.  I always find it easiest to list out the tasks before jumping into a project.  Below are my remaining tasks:
  1. Buy and install an Antenna - I have my eye on DB4 Multi Directional Antenna.
  2. Test Reception - before I cut the cable, I have to ensure I get good reception.  Bad TV reception might put the whammy on my cable cutting plans.
  3. Subscribe to a Movie Service - Hello NetFlix and Roku
  4. Break the news - Let the kids know about my plans.  I think it's best that they don't get much time to mourn the loss of Nickelodeon. 
  5. Move the Phone - subscribe to a VOIP service and move my current home phone number.
  6. Call The Cable Company - break the bad news to Comcast.
  7. Live Cable Free!!!